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Good Bye 2016 - Hello 2017

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

It was definitely a busy 2016 Holiday Season at Tinsel & Bow. While we did wrap a few gifts here and there, the majority of our time was spent packaging and shipping large orders of client gifts. Whether its a vintage bottle of wine or handcrafted cookies from The

Great Dane Baking Company each gift is equally considered and appreciated. Some of our favorite jobs included the packaging and shipping of over 800 cookies for our friends at Lakhany Law and shipping an amazing wine and cheese combo to clients of a South Bay wealth manager. I promise its not the ocean views that make these some of my favorite jobs 📷 While I do enjoy working from my home studio where everything is set up just so – for maximum efficiency, I definitely don’t mind an occasional change of scenery. Take a look for yourself!

gift being shipped out
Client Gifts ready to Ship

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