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How To Keep Your Remote Team Engaged Decreasing Loneliness and Improving Self Esteem

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

It’s safe to say that remote work is here to stay. As many companies are bringing (or forcing - ahem, Elon Musk) employees back to the office there are other businesses adopting remote work as the norm. The Wall Street Journal recently reported on legislation that is moving forward within the Dutch Parliament which makes remote work a right for its employees.

Building Team Camaraderie Celebrating Wins and In Person Get Togethers.

With remote employees being on the rise - there exists a concern around keeping teams connected and engaged. The days of casually meeting in the break room or for a walk around the building don’t happen as often anymore. These relationships which were nurtured in person need to adapt to a virtual workplace. Here are some ways to bring your remote team together:

  • Encourage sporadic team building get togethers. If you can do it in person that is preferred. If you don’t have a hybrid office or your team is spread out nationwide then you can find a space that would accommodate your team physically or virtually. Make it fun - refreshments, ice breaker questions or anything that encourages socialization will do the trick.

  • Just because gifts - we are big proponents of gifts as an effective way to nurture relationships. If you ask me, a physical gift holds more weight than a non-tangible item. Think of it as a hand-written thank you note instead of an email. The amount of positive feedback from virtual meeting boxes has made them one of our most popular requests. These boxes can come with anything like snacks, wellness items or nice office accessories.

  • We also know that the first day of work in a new company is usually a stressful thing. The unknown environment, a barrage of information about the company, new faces and names to memorize can make the first week of work an exhausting and overwhelming experience. To facilitate the integration of a new employee, companies develop incorporation programs in which they include an onboarding gift. This increasingly popular detail is a great way to break the ice and ease the nerves of the first day.

Teamwork makes the dream work right? The value of an engaged team is crucial to a division’s success. Keeping them engaged is what makes work fun. Considering the climate of employee retention right now - making an extra effort can make a world of difference.

Despite advances in automation, many companies continue to depend on people, and those qualified people are getting harder to find and retain. A key to employee retention is motivation and commitment. Workers who feel valued and find their work rewarding are less likely to look elsewhere for new opportunities.

The best way to retain talent in your workforce and reduce the turnover rate is, first of all, to know the general state of the company in this regard. And once done, work on developing company policies to improve the employee experience.

Thinking of the company culture as a determining factor, along with the career path or career plan and salary incentives, are some of the vital factors to consider. Fortunately, there is more than one technique to get employees to stay by your side.

At Tinsel and Bow we are aware of the challenge that selecting and retaining personnel represents for the Human Resources area, which is why we tell you why it is a good idea to give welcome gifts – or also known as onboarding gifts.

1. You will increase the sense of belonging. We all like to feel special, a welcome kit with the company logo is sure to be a present that any employee will remember.

2. It will provide motivation. First of all, you are making their day more pleasant with useful elements that they will be able to use, or in the case of birthday gifts, they will feel special and share their emotion. This increases productivity and they will feel more motivated to learn and get hooked faster.

3. It will create bonds (company-employee) and will develop their feeling of loyalty. It will be your first bond and your first element of remembrance of the company. Therefore, housewarming gifts and birthday gifts will make them feel like the company took the time to think of them, and that makes them special.

4. They will feel that their personal things are already part of the company.

Onboarding gifts will be their first items in the company. They will feel like they have a space within the organization.

5. Facilitates integration into the work team.

Now, they will have the same items as their co-workers. This puts them on the same level with them, making them part of the new work team.

6. Promotes company culture and organizational culture.

With onboarding gifts you strengthen the image of the company as an organized and well-established company where people are important for its development.

The workforce is the engine of success of any organization, in the long term, companies need profitability and success to prosper and remain relevant in an ever-evolving market. With an evolved employee-centric culture, employers need to ensure they provide an upbeat work environment to retain their top talent.

Contact us to discuss your remote team gifting strategy!

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