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Just Making Small Changes In Marketing Will Give Big Results With Your ROI

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

We’re halfway through 2022 and it’s not too late to improve your marketing strategy. Did you know that only 29% of brands nurture their existing customers beyond the initial purchase. Get more information here regarding lead nurturing.

B2B or B2C relationships thrive with continued nurturing.

These relationships are no different from your personal relationships especially marriage. You start out with courting (nurturing) then you build a like, know trust then the relationship goes to the next level (interest) then you propose (solution to their problem) then you commit (seal the deal). Nurturing is a huge part of improving your ROI so don’t stop when the contract is signed.

What Happens Next?

You stop caring? You continue to nurture?

I would venture to say that you don’t stop caring but some business owners and maybe you’re one of them you make it unknown to the client(s) that they continue to be a valuable asset to your company.

Just like building a lasting marriage you must continue to nurture to increase the bond and commitment. Prioritize and find areas in your personal and professional life where a small change can yield big results.

You’re probably wondering what kind of small change can I make in my marketing to yield big results.

You don't always need a long thought out strategy that takes time to implement to see results. When it comes to client relationships a small act can go a long way. Maybe one of your clients just became a grandparent, it takes you a few minutes to write out a quick little card congratulating them and sharing in their excitement. These small but thoughtful changes in the way you approach your client relationships have a lasting effect and work in your favor regarding your ROI.

Here are Tinsel and Bow we specialize in assisting businesses with a gifting strategy. Rather it be a single gift to the new grandparent or a larger scale of curating gifts for their entire client list from new clients to existing clients.

Not only are your existing clients more likely to buy again or continue with your services you are maximizing your return and generating new leads from their referrals.

Corporate gifts are good for business and help keep your business top-of-mind.

Here are 5 results you may see when sending your clients gifts:

  1. Clients feel appreciated

  2. Increase client retention

  3. Improved brand loyalty

  4. Increases revenue

  5. Motivated TEAM

Yeah, Yeah, number 5 on the list above states team motivation. Hear me out. Not only are your clients stoked to receive an unexpected gift your team will be too.

Number 1-4 results on the above list relate to clients and team members.

Loyal team members decrease turn over, increase team morale, and increase revenue. You have a lot invested in your team with training. Just like a marriage and client relationships your team thrives when nurtured.

When is a good time to send a gift?

The answer is quit simple. Anytime is a good time. Think about a time you got an unexpected gift. How did it make you feel? Probably pretty good, right?

Of course, there is Customer Appreciation Day April 18 and Employee Appreciation Day March 4th. Don’t fret that you missed those two appreciation days. It’s not too late to pick a day. Why not take advantage of the unexpected and pick any ole normal day? Choosing a normal day of the month is when you’ll create the most impact with your gift.

Giving an unexpected gift brings unexpected joy to the receiver and leaves a positive memory. The gift receiver will likely share their experience with others. As a business owner you understand the power behind positive testimonials.

Let’s also not stereotype gift giving. Guys enjoy receiving unexpected gifts just the same as women do. We curate gifts for women, men and gender neutral recipients.

What does curated gifts even mean?

A curated gift is something that has been thoughtfully chosen and organized then presented in a beautiful box or basket using expert knowledge and skills. Our design team work closely with you to create a gift that is made of exceptional quality items, beautifully branded, and carefully packaged for your clients or team members.

Long gone are the days of dropping off a plastic cup with your logo on it filled with a pen, an eye glass cleaning cloth, a ruler, stickers (I do love me some stickers though), a note pad, etc.

Those gifts usually get tossed in the trash or given to their kids to play with. Not helpful regarding your ROI and an old approach to marketing.

Sending a curated gift certainly sends a more meaningful message to your client(s) or team members. We would love to work with you and chat more about how corporate gifting is a small step in the right direction for your ROI.

Book a call today to chat with our designer.

We look forward to helping you with your CORPORATE or EVENT Gifting!


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