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Below, we've compiled the frequently asked questions about how TINSEL & BOW Gifting Services can enhance your Corporate Gifting Strategy

How do I get my branding to you?

Once you have been onboarded as a client, you will receive access to your individual client portal where you can upload any necessary files for us to complete your project. You can also email us - however for efficient service we highly recommend you use your client portal.

How will I know my recipient received their gift?

Upon shipping, you will receive tracking information for your gift project. You can track the status until the gift is delivered. If a gift is returned to our office - we will contact you to troubleshoot why the gift was sent back. We cab either re-send them for you or have it shipped to your location of your choosing.  

How long is the process?

Depending on the order type you can have a gift sent out within forty-eight hours (ready to ship option). If you are doing a semi-custom options (labels /cards/ribbon) the process can take up to seventy-two hours before shipment. Signature customer designs can be delivered with 4-6 weeks or longer depending on the level of customization.

What happens if you run out of an item?

On the off chance that we run or sell out  of an item - we will substitute with an item  of equal or greater quality. This is a rare occurrence but becoming more common with supply chain issues.  Our designs and options are aesthetically and quality driven. We will not make a substitution that doesn't meet our high quality standards,

Do you offer delivery or pick up services?

The majority of our gifts are shipped to the recipient using one of our shipping partners. If you are local to LA county we can try to accommodate hand delivery for an additional charge. On rare instance we have had people pick up their gifts from our Long Beach, CA location. 

Why custom over ready to ship?

Customizing your gifts allows you to add an extra little touch to your gift. This is a great opportunity to highlight your brand, event or cause. From custom color choices to hand picked gifts - we can take your gifting strategy to the next level. 

Don't see your question here, reach out to Tinsel and Bow at and we'll get your questions answered.

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