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Discover Tinsel & Bow - the ultimate gifting experience that celebrates diversity and community spirit. We're a woman of color and LGBT-owned venture and passionate about curating gifts from women-led, local artisans, BIPOC and LGBT enterprises. Every gift is a personal touch that reflects our love for diversity and community.

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At Tinsel & Bow we champion diversity by partnering with a broad spectrum of vendors and suppliers, believing that varied perspectives enrich our offerings. Above all, our eco-conscious ethos drives us to adopt sustainable practices, reflecting our commitment to safeguarding the planet while delivering unparalleled products. With us, you're choosing a blend of quality, inclusivity, and environmental responsibility.

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Kathryn Wells

I'm Kathryn Wells, the passion and precision behind every curated gift here. My journey has been a unique blend – from the vibrant world of event planning to the impactful realm of non-profit development, each step has shaped my understanding of what makes a gift truly special.


A degree in Psychology and another in Public Administration might sound heavy, but trust me, they add just the right depth to the art and science of gifting.


Outside of Tinsel & Bow, I wear my pride as the chair of Long Beach Moms and an active board member of the LGBT Chamber. But when work is wrapped up, you'll often find me cherishing every moment with my family, especially as I prep for my only child's big leap into college.


Dive into the world of Tinsel & Bow, where real life, love, and gifting intersect.

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