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Last Minute Valentines Day Gifts

It happened again didn’t it? You’ve been seeing the red and pink hearts everywhere and kept telling yourself to get something for your significant other before the actual day. Now the actual day is here. You have been seeing flowers being delivered to your co-workers. You’ve tried several florists only to hear that they can’t take anymore deliveries because they are booked solid. You can run to the store and pick up some chocolate, wine and flowers but you’re afraid that it will look like you went to grocery store last minute because you did. Fear not, we have some ideas that might make you look like you actually had it together this year:

An Act of Service - do something he or she hates doing. Wash the dishes, cook dinner, mow the lawn. There are probably enough tasks your significant other doesn’t like doing that falls under their usual list of chores - why not do it for them before they get to it themselves.

A Handwritten Note - this simple gesture is underrated. If you do go with last minute flowers and chocolate because you panicked at the very least pair it with a card/letter that required some time to write. Share with them some of your favorite things about them, plans you have for your future together. This will go over especially well if its not something you do often.

A Modern Miked Tape - aka a playlist. Make a collection of your favorite songs or songs that make you think of them. it can be funny, thoughtful or passionately full of love songs. Now days its much easier than having a dual cassette player and having to play the whole song out but still shows you care.

A Pampering Service - chances are reservations at a great restaurant are not gonna happen on the day of… besides not everyone loves a crowded place. That being said you might still be able to get your loved one a mani pedi at the local salon or a massage down the street from your house. Not only do they get some nice time alone, it gives you time to freshen up or make dinner while they relax.

So while you think you may have dropped the ball again there is still time to come out on top. There are many more ideas that could work but these are just a few to get you started. If any of these ideas came to your rescue please let us know!

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