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The Holiday Season Is A Time To Bring People Together and Celebrate With Kindness and Love.

As we head into the holiday season we would love to explore how other cultures celebrate.

From what we’ve learned all cultures have similar celebrations which may include food, drink, dance, lights, games, gifts and spending time with family and loved ones.

We are familiar with Santa Claus, Sugar Plum Fairies and The Little Drummer Boy that traditionally make up part of a Christmas celebration. Stockings are hung from the mantle to be filled with small trinkets of love on Christmas Eve, huge feasts are prepared for family and friends and gifts are exchanged.

But what do other cultures do?

Kwanzaa is a celebration of African-American culture celebrated December 26th thru January 1st. Kwanzaa is celebrated in African Communities throughout the world but primarily in the United States. Kwanzaa was devised in 1966 by Maulana Karenga, a professor of Africana studies at California State University in Long Beach (which is also home of Tinsel & Bow).

Kwanzaa is considered an extension of Christmas not a replacement and represents seven principles:

  1. Unity

  2. Self-determination

  3. Collective Responsibility

  4. Cooperative Economics

  5. Purpose

  6. Creativity

  7. Faith

On each day the family comes together to light a candle and discusses the principle of the day and on the sixth day they come together for a community feast called the Karamu.

Enjoy the below video of Kwanzaa Celebration.

No matter how a culture celebrates, bringing people together in celebration is the foundation for the holiday season.

We hope your celebrations this year are the most memorable.

Happy Holidays from the Tinsel & Bow Team!

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