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Birthday Gifts to Yourself

So apparently my friends and family think I might be a difficult person to gift. I can understand why they may think that, I am professional gift giver so they may think the bar is set high. To make matters worse I am very particular. The icing on the cake is that I don't really want for much so when asked I can't give tangible suggestions.

What I do know for sure though is how I want to spend my birthday. For the better part of the last decade I always take the day off work and spend the day by myself doing something exclusively and solely for me. Whether that be getting my hair done, treating myself to a favorite meal, watching a movie or reading a book it is a special day that I let evolve as my mood does throughout the day.

Last year while I still lived in Long Beach I spent the afternoon at Ballast Point enjoying a bottle of wine enjoying the breeze and bright sunshine only a California beach city can offer in late February. I remember enjoying a conversation with my sister on the phone. I am sure I probably had a manicure and pedicure before meeting my family for dinner later that evening.

This will be my first birthday celebration in Austin and I have the day reserved at Lake Austin Spa Resort. I will indulge in the resorts amenities both indoor and out (weather permitting), listen to the rest of Becoming by Michelle Obama before seeing her on Thursday, and as always ending the day with my best friend/fiancee and daughter over a wonderful dinner.

As I get older (38 today!) I am finding I want less and less material things. I want more personal time, more quality time with my family and memorable experiences. I make sure that I spend the day giving myself just that.

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