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Event Gifting — What is it and do I Need to be doing It?

For those of you who may not understand the concept behind event gifting or aren’t sure if its something you should do, this post is for you! Keep reading to learn more about different types of event gifts and when you should give them.

In the wedding world “welcome” wedding gifts are very in vogue right now. A welcome wedding gift is similar to a room drop - a gift that is presented (often left at the hotel room) to guests to welcome them to the event. These gifts usually revolve around a theme - either that of the event or the locale where the event is taking place. This is an especially thoughtful gesture for those that have spent time and money traveling to your event.

VIP Gifts are reserved for people that have invested into your event in some significant way. Whether it be through their talent, financial contribution or any other use of their resources its in good form to thank them with a gift. Even if the speaker for your event is a paid speaker or if your parents are the biggest contributors to your wedding a gift is still a nice way to show your appreciation.

When you are hosting an event whether that be for a corporate or social event, gifting is a way to build up and prolong the excitement around your event. You will hear us often say that at Tinsel & Bow gifting is about strengthening relationships and increasing client loyalty. Events are a ripe opportunity for you to do just that. Strengthen the relationships with those you care about most.

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