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Small Changes = Big Results

A new year, even a new week is a new opportunity to make changes that will have a lasting effect. Some of us may call them resolutions, others a commitment to improvement or simply an opportunity to start fresh. A new year doesn't necessarily mean you have to go from zero to sixty in each goal you set. When you do that you overwhelm yourself and burn out comes quick. Prioritize and find areas in your personal and professional life where a small change can yield big results.

Let me give you a personal example of how a small change has led to a significantly better result. Every morning I spend about a minute or two finding the right top to my my travel mugs, it's not the biggest deal in the world but that one minute of frustration every morning is not an ideal way to start off the morning. In order to alleviate this pain point I don't need to re-organize the whole kitchen. I can spend 15 minutes focusing on this small area which will result in a bit of smoother morning.

This same concept also applies to your professional life. You don't always need a long thought out strategy that takes time to implement to see results. When it comes to client relationships a small act can go a long way. Maybe one of your clients just became a grandparent, it takes you a few minutes to write out a quick little card congratulating them and sharing in their excitement. These small but thoughtful changes in the way you approach your client relationships have a lasting effect.

The bottom line is start small. Whether it's a lifestyle change or reaching a professional goal. Each small step plays a role in the change you are working to effect. Ease into it, don't over-commit and celebrate the progress no matter how small it may feel.

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