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Valentine's Day Gifts for Friends & Family

Typically Valentines Day is a holiday thought of for people in intimate romantic relationships as well as school age kids. However it’s also a good time to give a friend or family member a little gift to remind them that they are in your thoughts.

Whether its kids, siblings, parents or friends there is always a little something you can do to make them feel special. Just because they aren’t your significant other doesn’t mean you can’t get them flowers or chocolate. Instead of the common red roses which typically symbolize a romantic love you can send an orchid or a spring bouquet to brighten their week. If you know what their favorite treat is you can also wrap it up nicely for them.

Here are a a few more ideas to consider:

For your Galentines:

There is noting cuter than minis. Mini nail polishes and mini alcohol drinks are a small and inexpensive way to make their day. Whether you deliver these yourself and surprise them at work or mail it to them. Its a thoughtful way to make them smile and look forward to consuming their goodies!

For the kids:

Now they are all sugared up from the endless amounts of treats on this sugary holiday so give them something a little different. What about a coupon book (you can easily make it and print it) with experiences they can redeem at a later time. Maybe some hot cocoa with mom, or baking with dad or their favorite dinner. Its little things like this that they will remember long after the sugar high wears off. Imagine their little faces getting to redeem their coupons!

For your Co-Workers

This next idea is far from original but still thoughtful nonetheless. I have to thank my mom for this one too. On the most unexpected holidays or times of the year she will send a themed holiday gift card to Starbucks. You can do this from your app or pick one up at the store and get it for them. The reason why this works its because its unexpected especially from a co-worker. It’s a simple and cost effective way to bring a smile to someones day.

For the Men in your Life:

So while flowers may not be his style consider an alternative. Maybe a low maintenance plant or succulent that would add some warmth to his place. Another funny and perhaps much appreciated gift would be meat jerky bouquets. It’s a thing I promise. Another idea which might be more in line with your own tastes are bath and body products specifically made for men. There are some great lines out there like Duke Cannon or Jack Black that smell incredible.

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