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Why Onboarding Gifts Play An Important Role In Your Business

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

We all love giving and receiving gifts!

A welcome gift is more than a gift; it is a formal and enthusiastic welcome to your organization, to your project. Onboarding gifting is the practice of creating a point of contact with employees, clients, or prospective clients by sending a gift, either by giving a physical item, such as a mug with your company logo or by providing a non-physical gift like an e-gift card or an experience.

Onboarding Gifts Are An Important Part Of Your Overall Strategy

Onboarding gifts are valuable to your overall customer acquisition and employee retention programs. The solid psychological motivation behind business gifts can move the needle for any company, especially a large company, by making potential customers more inclined to respond to the prospecting process, employees feel more engaged and connected to your company, and customers becoming more loyal to your brand and products.

Onboarding gifts for employees

Hiring new employees is always good news. Creating job opportunities and attracting talent is a positive aspect of the company. For the new employee, it is a challenge and an exciting experience. But getting to a new place is not always easy. One way to welcome new employees and help them fit in better with their new tasks is to offer them a welcome gift.

At Tinsel and Bow, we firmly believe that if it is well prepared (aligned with your brand and values, carefully choosing the components), it offers you many benefits!

We summarize five that we consider essential:

  • Reduces the typical stress of joining a new job.

  • Decreases the time of adaptation and corporate training.

  • Communicate your corporate culture from the first moment: your company's values, philosophy, and most important aspects.

  • Create pride in belonging to your organization, loyalty, and involvement.

  • Decreases staff turnover: the new employee feels welcome and supported, knows what is expected of them, and the company values ​​them and wants them to succeed in their work.

It is convenient to include documentation about the company and its corporate culture, a personalized welcome message that humanizes your company and adds value to your onboarding gift, a corporate kit that includes gadgets representing the company, etc.

Onboarding gifts for volunteers

In a charity event or an event requiring volunteers to collaborate to ensure everything goes well, giving a gift as a form of thanks is a great detail.

Volunteers are not at your event to receive money but are here to collaborate and help in whatever is necessary, expecting anything in return. For this same reason, it can be a grand gesture to show your appreciation for their participation by giving gifts to the volunteers at your event.

With this, you will make them feel much more valued and want them to collaborate with your cause again. In addition, if they feel appreciated and share the event's causes, you will get more publicity since they will comment on it to their family, friends, and social networks.

Gifts for volunteers at events do not have to be simple merchandising but something unique and memorable. In addition, these gifts can have a practical use daily so that they always have the memory of the event in their daily lives.

Remember that the volunteer participants in your event do it for the organization's mission, so if the gift is related, it is much better.

Let's see some ideas applicable to various types of events:

  • Personalized water bottles – Any drinking container, be it a bottle, mug, or travel tumbler, can be very useful for your volunteers. In addition to its utility, you can customize it with the event logo and a specially dedicated message for volunteers to remind them how important they have been.

  • Promotional T-shirts – All volunteers love to wear a t-shirt as a souvenir of the events they have participated in, as a reminder of the day. You can put the event logo next to a phrase of thanks to the volunteers or team spirit, similar to the slogan. You can also set the dates and places to record the day in their memories.

  • Personalized USB flash drives: you can make customized USB flash drives with the event's logo to distribute among your volunteers. However, if you want to give it a unique touch, they feel supported, including a folder with photos taken during that day on the USB to create an excellent memory.

  • Eco-friendly gifts: If the event has a theme focused on sustainability and environmentalism, you can give eco-friendly gifts to encourage that value, such as a recycled notebook and pen set, an eco-friendly cutlery case, or a sustainable and personalized drawstring bag.

Onboarding gifts for clients

The relationship with your clients is an absolute priority. And like any good relationship, it has to be nurtured and cared for. This is an opportunity to remind them that you value their bond, understand their effort, and want to continue working with them.

An excellent way to do this is through gifts. So, if you are looking for creative gifts for clients, we propose some ideas in this blog. Because even in times of crisis, you can also be creative.

We know that the benefits you offered or the ideas you had before to surprise your clients no longer fit the needs and mechanisms of today. Covid-19 precautionary measures have forced businesses to modify their form and workflow or completely reinvent themselves to adapt to the changes.

Do you want to strengthen the relationship with your clients? Don't let communication stagnate. Remember that solid relationships work both in good times and in bad.

Do not forget the main objective: gifts are the means to send them your message of encouragement and thanks. Now let's see some ideas of how to achieve it.

  1. Welcome kit with a handwritten note. If you just added a new client to your list, send them a welcome kit. Yes, we know that these kits are classic, but what if instead of attaching a typed note, you write it by hand? Are you looking for something genuine? Don't underestimate what a handwritten note can accomplish. That will be your added and personalized value. When we can only communicate through a screen, and face-to-face communication still has no return date, these details can make them feel closer. Also, remember that handwriting is more human, so it's an excellent way to show them that your relationship is meaningful.

  2. Health and wellness kit. Our health continues to be exposed due to the pandemic. So a health and wellness kit is a great way to tell your customer that their health and wellness is important to you. Also, we know that working at home can generate stress or anxiety, so an anti-stress ball or a relaxing essential oil could complement this kit very well. If you are looking for useful gifts for clients, this is one of them.

  3. Books. A book is always an excellent option to give away. The choice of text will depend a lot on the industry your client belongs to; keep in mind what topics are of interest to make this choice.

What other ideas do you have in mind to surprise your employees, clients, etc.? Keep in mind that the gifts are more than a way to promote your brand, they are the vehicle that will help you strengthen relationships with everyone. Of course, make sure they are personalized and meaningful.

CTA: Set up a call to design the perfect onboarding gifts

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