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Perfecting The Art Of Gift Giving At Your Next Event

For those of you who may not understand the concept behind event gifting or aren’t sure if it’s something you should do, this post is for you! Keep reading to learn more about different types of event gifts and when you should give them. We wrote about this a few years ago, you can catch up here, but wanted to revisit as gifting is continually evolving.

Everyone appreciates receiving gifts especially when the gift is: 1) unexpected 2) something interesting 3) free, this means that gifting is a promising strategy for any marketer’s arsenal. In other words, by offering the right gifts to the right people, it can do wonders for a brand’s reputation.

When you’re hosting an event whether that be for a corporate or social event, gifting is a way to build up and prolong the excitement around your event. You will hear us often say here at Tinsel & Bow gifting is about strengthening relationships and increasing client loyalty. Events are a ripe opportunity for you to do just that. Strengthen the relationships with those you care about most.

Now comes the strategy, you don’t want to give just anything and you want the gift you’re giving to be beneficial to the receiver. Simply handing out branded pens or koozies is not enough anymore. You need to stand out and to make a lasting impression creating surprise and delight for the receiver.

Corporate Event Gifting

You’ve heard the word “swag” when you’ve signed up for events. The event coordinator would promote that the first 100 hundred attendees will receive a swag bag full of, then they would share with you what you will be receiving in your swag bag and why it’s important to be one of the first 100 attendees. Or you can pay extra for a VIP day and receive swag.

Event Gifting

Let’s take it to the next level and discuss Corporate Event Gifting for your next event. You can still include those branded pens and koozies if you have stockpiles of them but let’s consider adding more to your event gifting using these items.

Event Gifting Example One

Branded Pen (already have in stock)

Non Branded Journal

Package of highlighters

Small candle


Small bag of Popcorn

Nice bag to include this swag

Event Gifting Example Two

Branded koozie (already have in stock)

Sample of sparkling water

Silicon straw

Glass drinking bottle


Dehydrated fruit or Fruit chews

Nice bag to include this swag

Of course, if your company has products that you sell you can create some very enticing swag with your products plus adding some generic items like chocolate or popcorn or collaborate with another business to build up an amazing gifting experience for the receiver(s).

Wedding Gifting

In the wedding world “welcome” wedding gifts are very in vogue right now. A welcome wedding gift is similar to a room drop - a gift that is presented (often left at the hotel room) to guests to welcome them to the event. These gifts usually revolve around a theme - either that of the event or the locale where the event is taking place. This is an especially thoughtful gesture for those that have spent time and money traveling to your event.

What would this gift look like? For example your theme can be a city, destination or honeymoon theme. The below example is a city where the wedding is taking place. In this gift box the receiver will find items from local artists and/or businesses.

Wedding Gifting Option for Kansas City Wedding - KC has a huge artist community and one can find unique gifts to add their gift boxes or bags.

Beer Option

Samples of Boulevard Beer (local brewery)

KC logo beer glass

Bottle opener

Local artist greeting card or postcard

Cookies from small biz cookie baker

Wine Option

Samples of Wine from KC Wine Works (local winery)

KC logo wine glass

Bottle opener

Local artist greeting card or postcard

Cookies from small biz cookie baker

Coffee Option

Samples of coffee from The Roasterie (local roaster)

KC logo or local artist created coffee cup

Local artist greeting card or postcard

Cookies from small biz cookie baker

VIP Gifting or Post-Conference/Event Gifting

VIP Gifts are reserved for people that have invested into your event in some significant way. Whether it be through their talent, financial contribution or any other use of their resources it’s in good form to thank them with a gift. Even if the speaker for your event is a paid speaker or if your parents are the biggest contributors to your wedding a gift is still a nice way to show your appreciation.

Gifts need to be meaningful and personalized. A well-made gift has a stronger impact than giving something that will end up in the trash. Don’t skimp on VIP or post-conference gifting, these attendees helped in making your event a hit, show them how much you appreciate them with a quality gift.

Surprise and Delight

Everyone loves receiving free stuff. So as long as you’re offering something that interests the attendees, gift giving can be a great way to build relationships and promote higher attendance to your future events. Next time you have an event consider giving a little extra - you might be surprised at the response.

I remember once receiving gifts from a Moving Company I hired to move us. I was shocked and delighted with all the cool gifts I received, I certainly wasn’t expecting it. Because of this kind gesture I always recommend them to people who ask if I know of a good moving company, that’s some good PR.

Our team at Tinsel & Bow love curating gifts and work with you creating the perfect gift for your event. We would be honored to help you create your gift for your next event.

Contact us here so we can discuss your needs for your next event gifting.


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