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Three Ways to Take Your Gifting Game to the Next Level

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

I wanted to share this post because so many of you have been receiving marketing emails about celebrating "New Year, New You." Instead I'm focusing on what we should do for others and less for ourselves. For the most part, gifting is an act we do for others. It’s a way to nurture relationships by letting others know they matter to you. If you are ready to take your personal and professional connections to the next level, keep reading!

If you were one of those last minute gift buyers this past holiday season - chances are high that your recipient was appreciative but perhaps not thrilled with the gift received? How many of us were saved by Amazon Prime for that gift we forgot to buy for our dear aunt Gertrude on the opposite coast? Last minute gifts usually lack the one ingredient necessary for memorable gifts; adequate thought. The gift you offer someone is representative not only of the relationship but of you as an individual. When gifting lacks creativity or consideration for another person's needs/wants (or both!) then you run the risk of your gift saying "budget" or “last minute” instead of the sincere sentiment you wish you had had time to source. Here are some simple ways to keep that from happening in 2022;

  1. Timing is everything! We all know that around the holidays and special occasions, gifts are usually a given (yay!) but have you ever been someone’s recipient of a gift when you weren't expecting it? Different feeling right? You can see the value of sending a gift when it is NOT expected. Instead of sending client gifts during the holidays why not do something for the summer season instead? An unexpected “summer fun” gift box for your recipient to enjoy with their loved ones makes a more memorable statement.

  2. Experiences make great gifts! Chances are your recipient enjoys time with their friends and families. Then why not give them the gift of laughter or quality time with their loved ones in the form of a game, specialty drinks to share or outings that will be long remembered. Other gift ideas in this category can include anything from the entertaining category - new serving utensils; fresh linen napkins, a myriad of delicacies - the possibilities are endless!

  3. Less is More - We believe that bigger isn't always better, which is why many of our gifts come in smaller boxes. Our curated gifts are focused on practical luxuries that make a statement without overwhelming or dominating any space they're given too; the majority of our gifts (especially our corporate gifts) are intentionally sourced with taste, style and longevity in mind.

This year - instead of “New Year - New You” let’s instead make a resolution to let those we care about know it and know it more often. We hope these tips help you step up your gifting game in the new year. We would love to hear your feedback after trying any of these helpful tips.

If you're ready to take your gifting to the next level click one of the buttons below to get started.

Happy Gifting everyone!

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